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Swiss designer and ELOA founder Simone Lüling designs glass objects with the vision of merging simplicity, poetry and high-quality artisanship. Fragile, iridescent and timeless — the spectrum of ELOA’s glass collection includes pendant, wall, floor, and table luminaries, bowls and vases.
After working as a product and interior designer in Berlin, Lüling founded ELOA in 2015. Her luminaires have been transforming rooms into ethereal atmospheres ever since. Whether solitary or in composition, ELOA’s light objects evoke their celestial namesakes, such as SIRIUS, STARGLOW and DWARF PLANET. Their amorphous bodies open up an interplay between color and light from every perspective while exuding a unique sense of weightlessness. 
The production of these glass objects without the use of molds requires the highest level of craftsmanship and skill. Therefore, each piece is unique. Lüling collaborates with some of the finest master glassblowers in Bohemia, and they work closely with clients, interior designers and architects to create custom projects.

“ELOA light objects float weightlessly
in space — fragile, iridescent, timeless.” • instagram: @eloa_unique_lights

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ELOA - Unique Lights GmbH

Reinbeckstr. 13

12459 Berlin





instagram: @eloa_unique_lights

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