Nicolene van der Walt


Nicolene van der Walt combines her backgrounds in contemporary art and classical woodworking to create functional design objects and free-standing furniture. She focuses on handcrafted, one-off pieces and limited editions as well as small-batch productions in which each piece is assigned a batch and edition number upon completion.


Her minimalistic style is characterised by the repetition of organic and geometric forms, often accompanied by an element of surprise. Making use of carefully selected solid wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in Germany, she produces every piece by hand in her workshop in Berlin-Neukölln.

Maintaining an eye for details, she handpicks each tree at the lumberyard. Back at the workbench, she carefully considers the pieces of solid wood individually — her final objects do not contain any sapwood or knots. She uses a distinctive sanding technique to ensure her functional objects will remain smooth after being used and washed regularly over time. As wood is a natural material and the individual pieces are handcrafted, each object is unique. Nicolene van der Walt’s work is made to last and promises to age beautifully with use.

© 2021 by Nicolene van der Walt

Product Photography: Anne Deppe

Outdoor Photography: Melanie Wehrli



Nicolene van der Walt

Lahnstr. 95, HH

12055 Berlin

instagram @nicolenevanderwalt