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Elisa Strozyk




Bridging textile and furniture design, Elisa Strozyk experiments with a multitude of materials and forms.
Her work pushes boundaries between both 2D and 3D designs as well as between hard and soft materials — she perpetually plays with expectations of how these materials behave.
Strozyk founded her design label in 2009 after developing and launching her signature flexible hybrid material, Wooden Textile. To create this one-of-a-kind material, she harnesses traditional marquetry techniques to hand-place hundreds of individual wooden triangles onto a textile base. The tiles’ geometry and size influence the flexibility and mobility of the resulting floating solid pattern. Her multifaceted product portfolio also includes Ceramic Tables, a unique series of side tables made using experimental glazing techniques, and Woven Glass, a series of light objects that blends traditional weaving techniques with glass fusing.
“I transform familiar materials into unusual physical states — wood becomes as flexible as a textile or glass morphs into threads of a woven structure.” • instagram: @elisa_strozyk

© 2024 by Elisa Strozyk 

Photography: Studio Been



Elisa Strozyk

Bülowstr. 56

10783 Berlin





instagram: @elisa_strozyk

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