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Elisa Strozyk is driven by material and formal experimentation, building bridges between textile and furniture design. Her work pushes boundaries not only between 2D and 3D designs, but also between hard and soft materials, while simultaneously playing with expectations of how certain materials should behave. She frequently makes use of wood in unexpected ways to produce original textiles and objects — as in her signature Wooden Textile series, for example, which combines traditional marquetry techniques with innovative textile design to create objects that can transform from flat surfaces to sculptural 3D forms and back again. In addition to her personally driven work, Strozyk also collaborates with a variety of artists, designers, and companies. She received the German Design Award for her innovative designs, awarded by the German Design Council and the German Ministry of Economics. In addition,
Elisa’s work has been shown at Milan Furniture Fair, Design Miami/, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, among other esteemed venues. • instagram: @elisa_strozyk

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Photography: Studio Been



Elisa Strozyk

Bülowstr. 56

10783 Berlin

instagram @elisa_strozyk