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We are MATTER of COURSE — a Berlin-based collective of 11 independent female designers who embarked on an exciting, new collaborative journey in 2021. We work in the dynamic intersections of design, art, and craftsmanship. Individually, we all continue to run our own studios. As a collective, we take pride in our cumulative years of experience, shared values and eagerness to navigate uncharted creative territories.


Our network of mutual support and interdisciplinary touchpoints are paving the way for heightened success. We believe that collaboration is the key to sustainably and actively driving positive change in the design world ethos, which urgently demands a long-overdue shift.


We see MATTER of COURSE as a dynamic and experimental creative platform for innovative ideas and fresh impulses. Our synergetic approach allows us to forge strong bonds with like-minded creatives from diverse disciplines. We strive to continually reflect on and develop our creative skill sets. Our approach is exploratory and ever-evolving. New ideas organically emerge in this way.


We are committed to upholding and refining traditional craftsmanship techniques. The responsible use of resources is deeply ingrained in our philosophy, as is the fair remuneration of all involved in our production processes. We foster deep and intentional relationships with the materials we work with. This allows us to create long-lasting, eye-catching and unique objects that blend passion, artistry and uncompromising design ethics.


At MATTER of COURSE, we express our views and share our expertise with each other and as well as the design world at large. Whether through exhibitions, publications, panel discussions, or interdisciplinary collaborations, we open up dialogues that challenge the status quo on topics which are paramount to our work. We cultivate a strong sense of community and conscious consumption practices in art and design spaces.

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