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Lyk Carpet / Lyk Objects

Since 2007, industrial designer Mareike Lienau has been intensively researching the question, "What makes craftsmanship contemporary?" with her label, Lyk Carpet. From her knotted and woven objects to her unique carpets, she continuously strives to make traditional materials and techniques tangible and to engage in direct dialogues with people.
As a process designer, Lienau reinterprets wool to provide food for thought and spotlight the history of traditional techniques. The objects she creates are hand-crafted at the highest standards and in responsible ways. By linking design and production in this way, she purposefully engages with the history and significance of traditional craftsmanship. All Lienau’s textiles are certified by Label STEP and handmade by a small-scale artisan manufacturing partner in Nepal using socially and environmentally responsible materials and production processes.


“I want my objects to bring people joy, connect them with the stories behind their creation and inspire them to think about broader global responsibilities, including fair trade practices and socio-ecological aspects.
All the while bringing intercultural connectedness to mind.” • instagram: @lyk_carpet




Mareike Lienau

Jahnstrasse 12

10967 Berlin





instagram: @lyk_carpet

© 2024 by Mareike Lienau

Photography: Anne Deppe, Jochen Arndt

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