Heike Buchfelder



Heike Buchfelder investigates each of her chosen materials with care and precision, exploring their potential over long periods of time. Since 2005, Buchfelder’s label, Pluma Cubic, has been synonymous with idiosyncratic light objects that capture the beauty of feathers in sculptural forms. The Pluma Cubic collection includes delightful, small, handmade series and unique pieces. In addition, Buchfelder, who is an architect by education, has worked with paper
and metal to create unexpected design objects. Most recently, she has turned her focus to glass, exploring the material’s inherent richness and grace. Buchfelder’s work has been shown at a variety of international venues, including the Museum Marta Herford, Germany; Winterthur Trade Museum, Switzerland; and Moss in New York, among others. • instagram: @heike_buchfelder



© 2021 by Heike Buchfelder

Photography: Christoph Sagel, J-PER Sonntag



Heike Buchfelder

Max-Beer-Str. 7

10119 Berlin

instagram @heike_buchfelder