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Heike Buchfelder


From light objects made of bird feathers and translucent paper petals to icy glass table objects — German designer Heike Buchfelder investigates her chosen materials with the utmost care and precision.
Buchfelder founded Pluma Cubic in 2005. Her creations have since become synonymous with timeless light objects that capture the beauty of feathers in sculptural forms. She intentionally sources feathers that are a by-product of food production. 
Her handcrafted series BLOSSOM features light objects comprising between 1,000 and 3,000 translucent, hand-folded paper petals — each composed of a Japanese paper composite — carefully placed into handmade lamp shades. BLOSSOM forms a bridge between traditional Asian paper art and 19th-century lamp shade manufacturing.


“I seek to capture the beauty inherent in natural materials and transform them into sculptural forms.” • instagram: @heike_buchfelder



© 2024 by Heike Buchfelder

Photography: Christoph Sagel, J-PER Sonntag



Heike Buchfelder

Max-Beer-Str. 7

10119 Berlin




instagram: @heike_buchfelder

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