Carolin Zeyher




Carolin Zeyher alias Frau Caze specialises in furniture and interiors – she designs spaces and furniture combining her whimsical, naturalist aesthetic with practical, functional designs. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and her love of nature, Carolin loves nothing more than creating meaningful pieces that tell a story and bring people together.


Through the use of high quality materials, her design reflects sustainable craftsmanship evoking elements of serenity and simplicity reminiscent of the landscapes and architecture of South America and the Alps, traditional woodworking culture and contemporary city life. Although working between Berlin and Lake Constance she has never been one to stand still. Carolin has travelled the world relentlessly in search of inspiration for her work. Her journeys have greatly influenced her unique sense of atmosphere and texture, as well as her concern for our planet leading her to place great emphasis on sustainability.

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Carolin Zeyher

Studio & Showroom: Sanderstraße 22, 12047 Berlin

Show-Apartment: Liberdastr. 14, 12047 Berlin

instagram @fraucaze