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MOC-Joa Herrenknecht-AnneDeppePhotograph

Joa Herrenknecht


Joa Herrenknecht designs timeless objects to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Her work is characterized by reduction — clean, minimal lines, evocative colors and undertones paired with surprising details and a personal twist. She breaks down products’ essence and rethinks them to their core. Functionality and beauty thus intertwine.
Guided by the vision of bringing a sense of lightness into people’s homes, Herrenknecht founded Studio Joa Herrenknecht in 2012. She works, for the most part, as an industrial designer creating product series. From the lighting collection PICA for Bolia to the modular sofa CURT for Ambivalenz Berlin, her studio’s portfolio spans furniture, accessories, lamps, textiles and interiors. Its diverse clientele includes a dynamic mix of international furniture brands.
“I believe that — the same way flowers enhance the atmosphere in a room — objects have an aura
and can influence our perception.” • instagram: @studiojoaherrenknecht

© 2024 by Joa Herrenknecht

Photography: Ambivalenz, Bolia DK



Studio Joa Herrenknecht

Weigandufer 18, HH

12059 Berlin





instagram: @studiojoaherrenknecht

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